Ocublue Plus Brilliant Blue G Solution

A new dye for ILM peeling used in diagnostic purpose and retinal treatments.

Product description

Ocublue Plus is a sterile, pyrogen free blue colored aqueous solution. It contains Brilliant Blue G a new non-toxic Triphenylmethane dye which selectively stains the ILM to facilitate complete peeling during retinal surgery to repair macula holes. It is ready to use solution and have concentration of 0.05% w/v Brilliant Blue G in buffered solution.

Product features

  • Biocompatible & Non toxic.
  • Good staining & Better contrast.
  • No photo-induced side effects.
  • No inflammatory reactions.


To selectively stain and visualize internal limiting membranes, facilitating removal of the tissue and reducing the risk of retinal damage.


No contraindication are known when used in accordance with the recommendations.


Available in sterile 1ml vial (pack of 5 vials).

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