Hawk-I Slit Lamp

A compact illumination system with fluid mechanical movement which offers excellent optical functions needed for eye care professional. It comes in both top and bottom illumination with 3-step and 5-step magnification.

Hawk – i Top Illumination Specification

Hawk I T5/T3 is a compact illumination system rendering excellent optical and mechanical performance providing ultimate
value with an inherently designed 5- step & 3-step optical system and top end illumination.

Hawk – i Bottom Illumination Specification

Hawk – i B5/B3 is an equally compact illumination system like T5/T3, additionally providing the eye care professional with
a greater space efficiency.

Applanation Tonometer has been the gold standard for many decades. The high precision Spanish manufacturing facility offers the best result.

Integrated Camera System: In-built CCD camera offers to crystal clear images and facilitates video
capturing. It is available as an optional accessory and adaptable to Hawk I slit lamps.

HAWK – I offer highest versatility for the complete range of eye examinations. With aurolase 532 it can also be applied for laser therapy applications and offers well supported grip controls for contact glasses examination and tiltable prism head.

The Slit Imager is an optional accessory that aids to document and archive all examinations facilitating patient consultations, presentations as well as for simple reviews.

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