Non-Absorbable Suture

Four kinds of Non-absorbable sutures with world class quality avilable.

Product features

  • Smooth passage through tissue.
  • Excellent knot run down and security.
  • Minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction.
  • Optimal elasticity and elongation properties.

Four kinds of Non-absorbable sutures

  • Aurosilk (Silk suture).
  • Aurolon (Nylon suture).
  • Monofilament.
  • Aurobond (Polyester suture).

Non-absorbable surtures advantages

  • Capability to manufacture from 70 micron to 330 micron with different cutting profile.
  • Advanced micro point spatula/taper/conventional and reverse cutting edges for minimal penetration force.
  • Burr free needle surface for lesser tissue trauma.
  • Special process for needle attachment to maximize strength.
  • Optimum needle cutting edges for drag free passage through the toughest tissue.
  • Unique needle body geometry for excellent grip stability.
  • High needle bending resistance for retaining original curvature.

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