Aurovue EV Preloaded Aspheric IOL

Artificial lens implants that bring back your vision after surgery.

Product description

Aurovue EV is an IOL with Aspheric optic (negative spherical aberration), preloaded hydrophobic acrylic IOL made of highly bio-compatible material tested for mechanical properties such as compression force, optic tilt and decentration as required by ISO 11979.

Product features

  • A negative spherical aberration is provided to:

– Imitate results of the young natural crystalline lens.
– Enhance depth of focus & contrast sensitivity in mesopic and scotopic conditions.
– Withstand a tilt of 10 degree and decentration of 1.0 mm.
– Suits cornea of majority of the global population.

  • Truedge technology (360°Square edge) to prevent PCO.

  •  0.1mm projection at the optic-haptic junction prevents cell migration even through the haptic.

  • Lower glass transition temperature (8°C) which keeps the Aurovue EV relatively flexible at lower temperature.

  • Aurovue EV has higher Abbe number of 55 which provides better color perception to the patient by reducing chromatic aberration.

  • Aurovue EV optic and haptics are designed to fit in the capsular bag of varied sizes. Aurovue EV adapts well to the postoperative retraction of the capsular bag and ensures centration and stability of the lens.


Procedure for use:

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