Absorbable Suture

Polyglycolic Acid (PGA).

Product description

Aurolab’s Polycryl is an absorbable suture made of Poly glycolic acid (PGA) available in violet braided and monofilament gives excellent support during crucial wound healing. Our special coating ensures smooth drag free through tissues.

Product features

  • It is a violet dyed (D&C Violet No. 2) suture available in monofilament as well as in braided form.
  • This suture is coated with polycaprolactone and calcium stearate to avoid suture slip and fray out of sutures at the end.
  • Polycryl suture has:

– Very high initial tensile strength.
– Excellent knot security.
– Excellent handling.

  • Perfect tensile strength during the crucial wound healing period 65% initial tensile strength at 14 days and 35% initial
    tensile strength at 21 days.


PGA properties & advantages

  • Secure:

– Eliminate the need for a second invasive procedure.
– Superior coating ensures first throw holding.
– Easy knot positioning and ultimate knot security.

  • Strong:

– Strong enough to provide sufficient tissue support while degrading.
– Advanced braiding technology guarantees excellent tensile strength.
– Easy knot positioning and ultimate knot security.

  • Soft:

– Poly caprolactone andcalcium sterate coating ensures a smooth & drag free passage through tissues.

  • The following factors ensures the quality of the Polycryl sutures:

– Highly controlled packing environment, as sutures (especially absorbable sutures) are highly sensitive to moisture.
– Products are tested for tensile strength, attachment strength, Sterility, LAL test, and Moisture content before the release to ensure quality as per the standards.

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