CAT Vision –¬†Comprehensive digital vision chart

A comprehensive vision tester with ease of use, operated by a handy remote control with dedicated keys for each chart unlike the traditional remotes where the clinician has to meddle with the switches for the charts.

CAT Vision Specification

From visual acuity testing to educational charts, has got all the charts that one would require for a preliminary eye examination with special attention to pediatric population. Charts incorporated in a 19 inch wide Monitor with LED backlit offers high resolution and contrast. A smart power saving option that aids in automatic switch off of the unit when not in use. Wall mountable and compact enough for the examination room, it is definitely a choice of a tool for every professional eye examiner .

This product has unique features as follows:

  • High resolution test images.
  • ETDRS chart.
  • Single row and simple optotype display of charts.
  • Fixation targets for children & educational charts.
  • Compact and user friendly remote, free from interference of other remotes.
  • Power saving mode
  • Has special charts to check Astigmatism and other charts like Duo Chrome, Amlers grid, Contrast Sensitivity tests, Colour vision tests, Phoria tests, Aniseikonia test and fixation targets.
  • In built educational charts which explains about the structure of the eye, Refractive errors and Charts for occlusion conditions

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