Coming Soon

CAT Vision® is a new prototype that has soft launched in the month of August 2018. CAT Vision® is SET TOP box type digital vision chart which can be connected to any type of monitor with a HDMI input. Choice of monitor sizes must range between 18″ to 32″.

CAT Vision® is designed to be compact with an objective that it can be transported and used for cataract camps. With a choice of only the SET UP box, or a full setup (which includes monitor), hospitals can effectively spend their funds according to their needs.

The charts that has been programmed in CAT Vision® includes:

  1. Snellen
  2. Logmar
  3. Single OPTO, Single Line, HOTV, ETDRS Test
  4. DOTS, Pediatric Kay Symbol, Crowding Chart
  5. Contrast Sensitivity Test (Screening only)
  6. Astigmatism, Amsler, Maddox
  7. Duochrome, Worthfour Dots, Phoria & H-V Coincidence
  8. Ishihara Test (24 plates – screening only)
  9. Line & Character Masking, Randomization, Black & White
  10. Pointer & Fixation Chart


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