Aurotrocar 23G & Aurotrocar 25G


Ophthalmic valve Trocar.

Product description

Aurotrocar is a self sealing ophthalmic trocar, designed and manufactured by Aurolab, A division of Aravind eye care system. Developed as an affordable product, to reduce the burden of high cost to both hospitals and patients, this valved device boasts of excellent features that meets the needs of retinal surgeons.


Product features

  • Sharp needle for smooth and high precision incision.
  • Tapered point cannula for smooth penetration.
  • Cone shaped cannula for easy insertion of instruments.
  • Self sealing silicone valves prevents leaking.
  • Low friction silicone valves designed for smooth instrument exchange.
  • Precise sclera marking point for safe incision positioning in 3mm and 4mm.
  • Perfect locking of adaptor with the cannula to avoid choroidal damage.
  • Colour coded handles for 23GA & 25GA.
  • Double packed in blister & pouch.


Other information

  • One box contains – 3 valved trocar cannuals mounted on sharp blades with one infusion line.
  • One step trocar.
  • Size available – 23GA & 25GA.

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