Aurolab Aqueous Drainage Implant (AADI) 350

Aurolab aqueous drainage implant.

Product description

AADI, a non-valved glaucoma shunt indicated for glaucoma patients for not responding maximal medical therapy, failed
trabeculectomy, neovascular, congenitial and uveitic glaucoma.


Product features

  • Made of permanent implantable grade silicone, a proven material for patient safety.
  • Results in anatomical and functional success rates.
  • The two fixation holes in the silicone plate can be used to suture the plate to the sclera using 8-0 or 9-0 nylon sutures.

Surgical Procedure

Surgery Video

Key features of AADI

  • ¬†Large surface Area

Large surface area of the silicone plate provides aqueous filtration and pressure relief by controlling long term intraocular pressure with fewer post operative complication
and medication needed than small plate design.

  • Single Quadrant Insertion

Innovative design for simple and faster surgical technique which allows surgeons to implant larger surface plate with lesser trauma and faster healing.

  • Flexibility

Flexible tie-off capability in the silicone tube, which can be tight or loose to match complicated procedure.

  • Unique design

Unique fenestration design allow the growth of fibrous tissue to control bleb height and volumes, to secure plate in the place and minimize ocular motility disturbance.



“This is to certify that we have been using the Aurolab Aqueous Drainage Implant (AADI) sincet he last one year.
Based upon results of the first 10 patientsw ith at least 9 months follow-up, it appears to be a satisfactory device
for treating refractory glaucomas.”

– Surinder Singh Pandav,Professor, PGMER

“I have been using Aravind Aqueous Drainage Device (AADI), the prototype for which is the Bearveldt 350, for about
one year now and would like to share my experience.”

– Dr. Vanita Pathak Ray, Consultant VST Centre for Glaucoma, L V Prasad Eye Institute

“This is to state that I have used the Aurolab AADI 350mm glaucoma drainage implant in 6 adult patients with refractory
glaucoma in the past one year”

– Dr. Murali Ariga, Medical Practitioner, Swamy Eye Clinic & Surgicentre

“I have used the original Baerveldt implant, marketed initially by Pharmacia and later by AMO in the past.”

– Dr. Sunil S. Jain, Ophthalmic Surgeon , Iris

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